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5 Cookware Accessories Which Will Make You Star Baker Every Day

Last month, the Great British Bake Off came to a stunning close as TV favourite and all round star baker, Nadiya Hussain, was crowned champion. There were suspiciously moist eyes all around the country, after the mother of three from Yorkshire gave an emotional victory speech and promised to never doubt herself again. Now, new bakers all over Great Britain are getting out their cookware and having a go at it themselves.
This has been the real impact of Great British Bake Off; a show which has become a cultural phenomenon in a fairly short space of time. Where once TV cookery shows lingered on spaghetti, risotto, and the perfect steak, they are now making a return to traditional cakes and desserts. If you have a hankering to give the cookware a spin, you might want to think about investing in these 5 great kitchen accessories.

1. Sabichi Living Cream Hand Mixer

This handheld Sabichi Living Cream Hand Mixer comes with five different speed settings and a series of detachable beaters and hooks for a flawless blend. It is simply designed for ease of use and will stand up well to even a vigorous beating – you do not have to worry about giving this accessory a proper workout.

2. TALA Traditional Stoneware Mixing Bowl

The sturdiest mixing bowls are those which you can grab quickly off the countertop and hold in one arm whilst you attempt to stop the kids from pinching cake mix – at least you are not also looking out for Mel and Sue whilst you supervise your cookware. This beautifully designed TALA stoneware mixing bowl is one such accessory; it can also be put in the dishwasher.

3. Salter 396 Contour Electronic Timer

If you want to create amazing cakes, you need to have perfect timing – it is okay to call in a little help though. This nifty Salter 396 Contour Electronic Timer has a 64x40mm display, so that you never have to strain to see the clock again. The alarm sound is pleasingly loud, which means that you will hear it even over reruns of Bake Off.

4. Salter 3003 Aquatronic Scales

You will be pleased to know that Salter also makes a cracking pair of weighing scales. These Salter 3003 Aquatronic Scales are great for keen cooks, because they have an ‘add and weigh’ function – this means that you can weigh ingredients as you add them to a mixture, instead of measuring everything separately. Plus, they are also good for measuring liquids.

5. Stellar 1000 Deep Saucepan

For anybody on the lookout for top quality cookware, it is useful to remember that you can never go wrong with Stellar pans. This sleekly designed saucepan has a shatterproof glass lid, a thick 'hot-forged' base for even cooking on all hob types. So, the next time that you need to whip up a raspberry sauce or a pot of fresh custard, you could be doing it in this super reliable Stellar 1000 Deep Saucepan.

The Importance of Using Great Cookware

A lot of amateur cooks attempt ambitious bakes and are mystified when their efforts do not go quite as planned, but many of them are baking with substandard cookware. You could not produce a really great painting with poor oils or inks and the same rules apply for flawless puddings – for tip top results, you need high quality accessories.

The good news is that ‘high quality’ does not have to mean pricey. There are plenty of reliable and affordable cookware retailers on the market; you just have to know where to look.

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