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Getting Inspired with the Great British Bake Off

The sixth series of The Great British Bake Off warmed our homes throughout the cold and the rain of September. It has since reached it final conclusion and bakers Nadiya, Tamal, and Ian battled it out in the final, with Nadiya crowned champion. The question is, what are we doing with our evenings now the beloved Bake Off is over?

Well, if you are feeling adventurous, you could turn that telly addiction into cookware. As it happens, The Great British Bake Off has inspired thousands of fans – old and young, male and female – to get out their mixing bowls and start whipping up sweet treats, pies, pastries, and cakes. Whilst nobody is expecting you to concoct a three tier nun made out of chocolate éclairs, there are plenty of simple and fun recipes to try.

These handy tips and tricks will help you to start baking up a storm, with top quality cookware, in no time.

Choosing the Right Material

judge J3A1 3pce stainless steel set
If you are on the lookout for quality cookware – for baking or regular cooking – keep in mind the fact that you will usually have a choice between aluminium, copper, and stainless steel. These materials all come with unique advantages and disadvantages, so choose carefully. Whilst copper tends to be the finest option, as it is an excellent conductor, very few chefs use it because it is so costly. The next best alternative is cookware in an affordable material, like these judge J3A1 3pce stainless steel set.

Knowing What to Avoid

If there is one thing about cookware that you need to remember it is that, generally, weight equals quality. Whilst this does not necessarily mean that you need extremely heavy pots and pans to cook or bake well, it does mean that you should avoid very thin or extremely lightweight pieces. The heavier the cookware, the more efficiently it will conduct heat.

Opting for Non-Stick Coatings

For a lot of amateur cooks, it does not seem worthwhile investing extra cash on non-stick coatings and finishes. However, this is one feature really does make cooking easier. It reduces the amount of fat that you need to start cooking, which makes cleaning up simpler and faster than ever.

Investing in Cookware Sets

Stellar S7CID 5 Piece Stainless Steel Set
It can be a really good idea to invest in a cookware set – like this Stellar S7C1D 5 pce stainless steel set – if you are a person who loves to cook or bake. It saves you from spending money on each individual piece, but this kind of investment is only worthwhile if you know that you are going to use all of the pieces. If you only need a new saucepan, buy it separately.

Getting a Head Start

For amateur cooks and brand new bakers who want to hone their skills, the following pieces are recommended as a good place to start with cookware: two skillets (regular and deep), one two quart saucepan, one three quart saucepan, a large Dutch oven pan, and a large stockpot. You should not have to spend the earth to get quality cookware, but you do not want to instantly opt for budget pieces either – reliable cookware is well worth the investment.

Becoming a Cool and Confident Cook

The reality is that you could have the best cookware in the world and still be a terrible baker. If the passion, creativity, and enthusiasm is not there in spades, you are still going to have trouble whipping up a cake which Mary Berry would agree with. However, great tools can mean the difference between a distinctly average Victoria sponge or spaghetti bolognaise and a meal which has your friends in awe.

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