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5 Great Reasons To Get A New Makita Grass Trimmer

Keeping a garden in tip top condition is no easy feat, especially if it has a lot of quirky and distinct features. Troughs, dips, ditches and walkways, for example, can all be tricky to maintain, because they are not part of the level ground. This makes mowing and trimming rather tough. Most people have to use a special tool to get around the edges of these areas and quickly eliminate weeds and overgrown patches of grass.
This tool is called a grass trimmer and it can be invaluable in the summertime, when the vegetation is proliferating at an alarming rate. With a state of the art Makita grass trimmer in hand, it is easy to cut back weeds, grass, and other unwanted plants. As these machines are very lightweight and usually cordless, they are no trouble to move around even the largest of yards. So, when it comes to stress free garden maintenance, choose Makita.
For more hints and tips on the best ways to use your grass strimmer, keep reading this guide.


While fences are a necessary part of safety, privacy, and security, they can be a real pain to trim and mow around. However, with a sturdy Makita grass trimmer, you can cut back the stray weeds along the fence perimeter in a matter of minutes. If you still find this to be too much work, one option is to plant a hedgerow or border between the grass and the fence. That way, you only have to trim up to the edge of the grass.


For a neat and tidy look, all walkways and paths need to be kept free from creeping grass and weeds. You can do this by trimming close around the edges with your grass strimmer. For a precision result that would have Charlie Dimmock smiling, use an edger first, then apply your string trimmer. Finally, use a garden blower to create that clean and pristine effect.


Most gardens contain at least a few trees, bushes, and shrubs. They elevate its appearance, offer a home for birds and other animals, and they are a source of clean air and atmosphere. In short, all good yards should have a healthy amount of trees and other tall plants. The only downside is the difficulty of trimming and cutting around the bases. With a regular mower, it is easy to hit and damage the trunks, so a Makita grass trimmer is a much better choice.

Extra Features

There are all kinds of unique and awkward features that might be lurking in your yard. For example, irrigation and hose components, lighting controls, pool regulators, and more. If they stick out from the ground and make the lawn tricky to mow, swap out your regular machine for a grass trimmer. That way, you can maintain the borders with care and precision, rather than risking damage with an oversized, unsuitable tool.


High quality grass trimmers are also really effective at working inside of troughs and ditches. Uneven patches of ground, particularly areas that dip low, are a hazard for full sized mowers. These machines are designed to move in straight lines, so they’ll either miss the lower patches of weeds entirely or they’ll be subject to a lot of twisting pressure and break or split. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation by using the more nimble and flexible head on a reliable grass trimmer.

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