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Healthy Meals Cooked In A Frying Pan

It is very easy to think of the humble frying pan as something in which only one or two components of a meal are cooked and when thinking of frying pans it is the word fry that stands out. But frying pans have many uses and can be used to prepare delicious healthy meals sometimes even without frying with fat or oil and using not just one but a variety of ingredients that produce a whole meal in only one pan.

Below is a look at a number of healthy meals that can be cooked using only one frying pan

The Humble Omelette

Most people will know that making an omelette involves putting beaten up eggs into a frying pan with butter and milk with some seasoning and then blending and folding until cooked. But an omelette can be so much more by adding cheese, bacon, ham or vegetables and/or mushrooms. Start off by using a little butter, oil or healthy option vegetable oil spray in the pan to start cooking the mushrooms, tomatoes or bacon or ham. When they are nearly cooked add the mixture of eggs and seasoning and milk or water (for a more fluffy omelette) to the other ingredients and cook until done to personal taste. Follow this recipe to create your own

Frying Pan Cooked Quorn

Quorn is an ever increasingly vegetarian and vegan option to meat and Quorn Mince is a very healthy meat-free option to make a delicious spaghetti bolognese with. The bolognese sauce can be made with onion, carrot, and celery (the basics of most bolognese sauces) tomato passata, garlic and quorn mince. Other ingredients such as mushrooms, courgettes and other vegetables can be added. The ingredients are finely chopped and fried in the pan using a preferred oil and when softened the Quorn mince is added together with the passata. The result is a delicious quick and easy bolognese sauce that can be added to spaghetti or other pasta choice.

Frying Pan Cooked Frittata

Returning to eggs, a Frittata is a terrific healthy option to the traditional quiche; using similar ingredients but without the pastry a Frittata can also use any ingredients preferred and is a great way to use up leftover vegetables and other ingredients. Eggs and milk and seasoning are mixed as with a quiche and are then poured over the other ingredients that have either been warmed or cooked in the frying pan. The whole thing is then transferred to an oven until cooked through. Skillets are often recommended but over-proof non-stick frying pans work just as well. The beauty of a frittata is that almost anything can be used in it including sliced potatoes and many other ingredients. Follow this recipe for more details.

Pizza in a Frying Pan

It does not take a specialist oven and ingredients to make a delicious pizza and the humble frying pan can again make the whole thing very easy. Ingredients such as onion, tomatoes, courgettes and mushrooms for a vegetarian option are cooked; whilst some recipes call for these to be roasted they can be cooked using a healthy oil of choice in the frying pan. Then pizza dough is prepared and cooked on both sides in the frying pan (the other ingredients will of course have been removed and put aside). The topping and ingredients are then added to the dough in the frying pan and the whole thing cooked further in the oven. The whole thing should take less than half an hour and to read more about this method see this recipe

Mussels in a Frying Pan

A frying pan can make cooking mussels in a delicious tomato broth an easy matter. Take butter and olive oil to fry shallots and garlic, add tomatoes, vinegar, seasoning and some additional ingredients such as fennel seeds, paprika and dry white wine, then add the mussels. In five minutes the mussel shells should have opened and they are ready to eat. To make this dish yourself have a look at the recipe

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