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Which Stellar Cookware Saucepans Are Best for Your Cooker Hob?

The best saucepans are built to last. They’re sturdy, hard wearing, and can handle pretty much anything that you throw at them, as long as they’ve got the right features for the job. A solid steel saucepan, for example, can be used for many years and may even follow you between homes. This is especially true of high-quality single saucepans like those available from the Stellar and Judge lines.

Stellar is a particularly good choice of cookware brand, as it has been operating since 1896. This means that it has an unshakeable reputation for producing long lasting saucepans, with state of the art finishes. However, there is also something that you can do too that will make your single saucepans last even longer. It is as simple as matching pans to the right hob.

This quick fire guide to picking the best Stellar saucepans for your cooker hob will give you some helpful advice.


This is the most common type of cooker hob, but a lot of homeowners don’t think carefully about which type of saucepan is going to be the most efficient match. Generally, cooking with gas is very easy, so a wide variety of Stellar saucepans are suitable. This is true of brands like Prestige and Judge as well. However, you are advised to stick with metal handles, so that there’s no chance of the flame melting the plastic.

Solid Fuel or Electric

As with the gas hob, pretty much all kinds of saucepan are suitable, but you’ll find the heavier products, with a flatter base, to be more efficient. They heat faster because a larger proportion of the pan is touching the hob. This Stellar Non-Stick Sauté Pan is a good example.


A ceramic hob consists of a section of glass placed over an electric heat source. So, you should be looking for single saucepans that won’t leave marks on the glass. The best option then is an uncoated aluminium pan from Stellar. Or, find a tough oven cleaner that will deal with these scuffs and marks after you’ve finished cooking.


This is a specialist type of hob, so it isn’t as common as the rest. If you do have an induction cooker, remember that you have to buy saucepans that are specially designed for it. When shopping, for Stellar, Judge, or Prestige cookware, check the product description before you buy. For instance, this Stellar 1,000 Saucepan is primarily designed to work on conventional cooker hobs, but it will also function efficiently on an induction cooker.


The main difference between a ceramic and a halogen hob is that the latter used a halogen heat lamp instead of a conventional heat source. In both cases, the heat source is protected by a glass pane. The thing to remember about halogen hobs is that the heat will reflect back off the pan if it has a shiny surface. This will increase the time it takes to get hot, so stick to dull surfaces only.

Why Picking the Perfect Saucepan Is Important

It is not just the quality of your food that is determined by your choice of saucepan. It also eases of handling, cooking efficiency, and value for money. A lot of homeowners have become used to buying low-quality pans and simply replacing them several times every year. This is not how cookware is designed to function. It should become a steadfast part of your kitchen; a reliable tool that you can always depend on.

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