For high user-friendliness even on long work sessions there is also an anti-vibration system
The cutter rail and chain are lubricated automatically
Complete with a petrol/oil mixing bottle, 95 ml of two-stroke oil, a file and a cutter guard

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  • A quality rail and chain from OREGON ensure optimum cutting performance
  • Thanks to a choke and primer, the engine always starts without difficulty 
  • Pressure on the finger guard will trigger the chain brake and stop the chain within a few milliseconds
  • A large, robust claw stop ensures safe handling on felling and cutting-to-length jobs, and it also serves as a pivot point when sawing horizontal trunks 
  • Thanks to the crank shaft with bilateral bearings, the engine runs with very low vibrations
  • Engine: two-stroke, air cooled 
  • Engine displacement: 40.1 cm³ 
  • Power: 1.5 kW 
  • Max. speed: 11000 1/min 
  • Capacity of fuel tank: 0.4 L 
  • Capacity of oil tank: 210 mL 
  • Sword length: 400 mm 
  • Cutting length: 39 cm 
  • Cutting speed: 21 m/s

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