Cleaners and Lubricants

From white spirit to multi-purpose silicone spray, we have a great selection of cleaning products and lubricants in stock at Elmers Hardware.

It is important that surfaces are properly prepared before you begin your wallpapering, painting or tiling project. Poor surface prep can result in a poor finish to your final result. It could cause the coating to peel or lack a smooth finish. To help you start with a perfect canvas, and clean tools, we have a great selection of cleaning and surface preparation essentials at Elmers. Stock up your decorating tool kit with products to thin oil-based paints, white spirit to clean paintbrushes, and cleaning products to tidy any spills. Some products can even be used as general purpose household cleaners!

Have a look at our range of white spirit, silicone spray, cleaners and lubricant products below, or visit us in store in Ipswich.

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