Hose Connectors, Attachments & Outside Taps

Every garden needs a reliable supply of water. If you have been looking to keep your flora in top shape, be sure to check out the extensive line of hose connectors, hose attachments and outside taps we stock at Elmers Hardware. Whether you are a beginner gardener or a professional horticulturalist, we are sure that we’ve got what you need in store!

When purchasing any type of hose or tap connector, quality counts. This is why we stock well-known manufacturers such as Hozelock and Pondxpert. These accessories are also available in a wide range of styles, sizes and configurations. A handful of examples available to purchase at Elmers Hardware include the Hozelock flow control valve, Claber two-way connectors and AM-Tech outside tap valves.

These are only some products that can be ordered with a single click. Would you like to learn more about a certain hose to hose connector, or find out which products would be best for your gardening needs? If so, please contact our friendly team or visit our showroom in Ipswich.

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