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STOCK NO: 97974      PART NO: GSS2800D

This shredder features ‘quiet cutting technology’ which uses a powerful motor at low revs to grind the waste efficiently but with little noise. The machine is designed to shred hedge trimmings, leaves and twigs quickly, leaving the gardener with a smaller pile for composting. Alternatively, the results can be used as a soil improver or a mulch. Thanks to the wheels and handle, the shredder can be easily moved around the garden and stored again afterwards. The safety switch protection system will automatically switch off the power when the motor is over-loaded. Use of the blockage prodder or plunger ensures the debris is pushed firmly onto the blade without endangering the operator. The large collection box ensures there is little down time needed for emptying.

Wattage: 2800
No load speed: 42rpm
Max. cutting diameter: 44mm
Shredding capacity: 55kg/hour
Collection box: 55l
Cable length: 3m
Weight: 20.5kg

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