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  • Take the Stress Out of Christmas Cooking with Non-Stick Roasting Pans

    It’s that time of the year when culinary enthusiasts really get to stretch their wings and test their talents. The festive season is in full swing and plans are being made for parties, family reunions, and the kind of feasts that would make a royal blush.

    If you’re in charge of the cooking, you’ll know that things can get majorly hectic in the kitchen. Whether you’re rustling up a fancy dinner for Christmas, New Year, or just because you feel like it; having the right tools is very important. For big meals (turkey included), you’ll need some solid, high-quality non-stick roasting pans

    These handy hints and tips will give you some advice on what size and style of roasting pan is best suited to your culinary needs.

    Size and Depth

    The perfect roasting pan should be large enough for the food to sit comfortably inside, without touching the edges during cooking. This allows air to circulate, which is particularly important if you’re cooking a big turkey or a ham joint. The sides need to be tall enough to prevent all of those lovely juices from leaking out – around two to three inches is ideal. Taller non-stick roasting pans can be used for cooking things like vegetables, alongside the meat.

    Don’t forget to check that your choice of roasting pan is actually going to fit in the oven. The last thing that you want, just before starting a big dinner, is to have to run to the neighbours and borrow a smaller one. The internal dimensions at the narrowest point are where you need to look for a matching measurement. This Circulon roasting pan actually comes with a fitted rack, so ingredients like potatoes cook crisp and free of moisture.


    Sturdy, Non-Stick Coating

    Always opt for non-stick roasting pans, because they cook the food more evenly and don’t collect as much debris. Premium roasting tools have a slick surface that allows users to quickly remove all ingredients. You don’t need to use a lot of force or pressure to clean them; the non-stick coating makes washing a simple task. It is best to have more than one roasting pan if you like to cook large amounts of meat.


    Christmas and New Year dinners will likely require an oven full of roasting pans, all filled with their own tasty treats. Use a heavier, broad-bottomed pan like this Judge Speciality Roaster, for cooking birds and joints. A pan with smaller sides is better for vegetables and fish, as there is more room for the air to circulate. Try to match your cooking tools to the ingredients and the situation, as you’ll get a better result.

    Where to Find High-Quality Cooking Tools

    The good news is that there are plenty of great homeware stores and retailers out there. You can even shop exclusively online and buy everything that you need for family dinners, without ever leaving your couch. From non-stick roasting pans to study saucepans, restaurant quality knives, and state of the art electrical appliances; you can get your kitchen fully kitted out. Opt for superior materials, because they’ll wear better and last for longer.

    Why not check out our range of, Judge and Stellar cookware for a stress free Christmas dinner.

  • Healthy Meals Cooked In A Frying Pan

    It is very easy to think of the humble frying pan as something in which only one or two components of a meal are cooked and when thinking of frying pans it is the word fry that stands out. But frying pans have many uses and can be used to prepare delicious healthy meals sometimes even without frying with fat or oil and using not just one but a variety of ingredients that produce a whole meal in only one pan.

    Below is a look at a number of healthy meals that can be cooked using only one frying pan

    The Humble Omelette

    Most people will know that making an omelette involves putting beaten up eggs into a frying pan with butter and milk with some seasoning and then blending and folding until cooked. But an omelette can be so much more by adding cheese, bacon, ham or vegetables and/or mushrooms. Start off by using a little butter, oil or healthy option vegetable oil spray in the pan to start cooking the mushrooms, tomatoes or bacon or ham. When they are nearly cooked add the mixture of eggs and seasoning and milk or water (for a more fluffy omelette) to the other ingredients and cook until done to personal taste. Follow this recipe to create your own

    Frying Pan Cooked Quorn

    Quorn is an ever increasingly vegetarian and vegan option to meat and Quorn Mince is a very healthy meat-free option to make a delicious spaghetti bolognese with. The bolognese sauce can be made with onion, carrot, and celery (the basics of most bolognese sauces) tomato passata, garlic and quorn mince. Other ingredients such as mushrooms, courgettes and other vegetables can be added. The ingredients are finely chopped and fried in the pan using a preferred oil and when softened the Quorn mince is added together with the passata. The result is a delicious quick and easy bolognese sauce that can be added to spaghetti or other pasta choice.

    Frying Pan Cooked Frittata

    Returning to eggs, a Frittata is a terrific healthy option to the traditional quiche; using similar ingredients but without the pastry a Frittata can also use any ingredients preferred and is a great way to use up leftover vegetables and other ingredients. Eggs and milk and seasoning are mixed as with a quiche and are then poured over the other ingredients that have either been warmed or cooked in the frying pan. The whole thing is then transferred to an oven until cooked through. Skillets are often recommended but over-proof non-stick frying pans work just as well. The beauty of a frittata is that almost anything can be used in it including sliced potatoes and many other ingredients. Follow this recipe for more details.

    Pizza in a Frying Pan

    It does not take a specialist oven and ingredients to make a delicious pizza and the humble frying pan can again make the whole thing very easy. Ingredients such as onion, tomatoes, courgettes and mushrooms for a vegetarian option are cooked; whilst some recipes call for these to be roasted they can be cooked using a healthy oil of choice in the frying pan. Then pizza dough is prepared and cooked on both sides in the frying pan (the other ingredients will of course have been removed and put aside). The topping and ingredients are then added to the dough in the frying pan and the whole thing cooked further in the oven. The whole thing should take less than half an hour and to read more about this method see this recipe

    Mussels in a Frying Pan

    A frying pan can make cooking mussels in a delicious tomato broth an easy matter. Take butter and olive oil to fry shallots and garlic, add tomatoes, vinegar, seasoning and some additional ingredients such as fennel seeds, paprika and dry white wine, then add the mussels. In five minutes the mussel shells should have opened and they are ready to eat. To make this dish yourself have a look at the recipe

  • Which Stellar Cookware Saucepans Are Best for Your Cooker Hob?

    The best saucepans are built to last. They’re sturdy, hard wearing, and can handle pretty much anything that you throw at them, as long as they’ve got the right features for the job. A solid steel saucepan, for example, can be used for many years and may even follow you between homes. This is especially true of high-quality single saucepans like those available from the Stellar and Judge lines.

    Stellar is a particularly good choice of cookware brand, as it has been operating since 1896. This means that it has an unshakeable reputation for producing long lasting saucepans, with state of the art finishes. However, there is also something that you can do too that will make your single saucepans last even longer. It is as simple as matching pans to the right hob.

    This quick fire guide to picking the best Stellar saucepans for your cooker hob will give you some helpful advice.


    This is the most common type of cooker hob, but a lot of homeowners don’t think carefully about which type of saucepan is going to be the most efficient match. Generally, cooking with gas is very easy, so a wide variety of Stellar saucepans are suitable. This is true of brands like Prestige and Judge as well. However, you are advised to stick with metal handles, so that there’s no chance of the flame melting the plastic.

    Solid Fuel or Electric

    As with the gas hob, pretty much all kinds of saucepan are suitable, but you’ll find the heavier products, with a flatter base, to be more efficient. They heat faster because a larger proportion of the pan is touching the hob. This Stellar Non-Stick Sauté Pan is a good example.


    A ceramic hob consists of a section of glass placed over an electric heat source. So, you should be looking for single saucepans that won’t leave marks on the glass. The best option then is an uncoated aluminium pan from Stellar. Or, find a tough oven cleaner that will deal with these scuffs and marks after you’ve finished cooking.


    This is a specialist type of hob, so it isn’t as common as the rest. If you do have an induction cooker, remember that you have to buy saucepans that are specially designed for it. When shopping, for Stellar, Judge, or Prestige cookware, check the product description before you buy. For instance, this Stellar 1,000 Saucepan is primarily designed to work on conventional cooker hobs, but it will also function efficiently on an induction cooker.


    The main difference between a ceramic and a halogen hob is that the latter used a halogen heat lamp instead of a conventional heat source. In both cases, the heat source is protected by a glass pane. The thing to remember about halogen hobs is that the heat will reflect back off the pan if it has a shiny surface. This will increase the time it takes to get hot, so stick to dull surfaces only.

    Why Picking the Perfect Saucepan Is Important

    It is not just the quality of your food that is determined by your choice of saucepan. It also eases of handling, cooking efficiency, and value for money. A lot of homeowners have become used to buying low-quality pans and simply replacing them several times every year. This is not how cookware is designed to function. It should become a steadfast part of your kitchen; a reliable tool that you can always depend on.

    For more hints and tips on shopping for the perfect saucepan, click here to visit Elmers Hardware. Here, you can browse a broad range of cookware products, tools, and accessories; everything from frying pans to electrical appliances, steamers, knives, and more.

  • The Quick Fire Guide to Bosch Rotak Lawnmowers and Why You Need One

    You only have to look back twenty years to see that commercial lawnmowers are now very different to how they started out. The old manual and petrol mowers were heavy and cumbersome. They got the job done quickly, but only if you had the strength and the energy to drive them forward. These days, things are much easier. The vast majority of homeowners have lightweight electric mowers that they can push and pull with ease.

    The popular Bosch lawnmower is one such machine. The long-time brand has a lot of experience with this kind of garden accessory and it offers a broad range of different models. The Rotak line is one of the finest, because it is made up of mowers that are simple to manoeuvre and turn. The emphasis here is on that all important balance between durability and flexibility. Thus, Rotak lawnmowers, from Bosch, are powerful, robust, and efficient.

    This guide to some of the most popular mowers in the Rotak line will help you decide which machine is the best choice for your garden.

    The Bosch Rotak 34


    If you are on the hunt for a manageable mower, which can offer you all of the power, with none of the unwieldiness, it could be worth considering the Rotak 34 R. This finely crafted Bosch lawnmower is slightly smaller than previous models, so as to keep manoeuvrability and agility high. The ‘34’ in its moniker refers to the maximum cutting width (in centimetres) and, while there are other machines that work faster and cut deeper, the focus here is on ease of use.

    This is immediately obvious as soon as you try to pick the mower up. It is significantly lighter than a lot of other high profile tools on the market; it can be carried around the garden with one hand. It also does its job in beautiful style. The finish created is extremely even and consistent. It doesn’t produce the best striping in the world – certainly not as good as a cylinder mower – but this isn’t a top priority for most.

    The Bosch Rotak 40

    Bosch Rotak 40

    This Bosch lawnmower, on the other hand, is a little larger and bulkier. Yet, it generates only 25% of the noise that an average petrol powered machine makes. This means that it is a great choice for anybody who hates the deafening roar that tends to come with lower quality mowers. It is also suitable for use in very quiet neighbourhoods and around pets and babies. The mower is lightweight, economical, and can be moved around the yard with ease.

    One of its biggest benefits is the small flap like protrusions along its sides. These little ‘grass combs’ help the mower cut right up to the edge of fences and other barriers, without the need for a strimmer or edge tool. Also, it comes with a fifty litre storage box, as standard, and it takes quite a while for this to fill. It means fewer interruptions and a lawnmower that is much more efficient and eco-friendly.

    The Bosch Rotak 32-12

    Or, there is the Bosch 32-12 electric rotary lawnmower. This machine is also compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around even the biggest of yards. The robust 1200W motor enables users to cut long grass without effort and it features neat folding handles for easy storage. It is specifically designed to be on the smaller side, so if you’re looking for a hulking great giant of a machine, it might not be quite right for you.

    Yet, the reality is that most gardens benefit from more compact mowers. They’re not big enough to warrant beastly ride on contraptions, but a modestly sized machine can cover large areas quickly, without taking up too much space in the shed or garage. This is something that Bosch, as a brand, is very aware of and it offers a whole selection of mowers, each with a slightly different size and shape.

  • 5 Great Reasons To Get A New Makita Grass Trimmer

    Keeping a garden in tip top condition is no easy feat, especially if it has a lot of quirky and distinct features. Troughs, dips, ditches and walkways, for example, can all be tricky to maintain, because they are not part of the level ground. This makes mowing and trimming rather tough. Most people have to use a special tool to get around the edges of these areas and quickly eliminate weeds and overgrown patches of grass.
    This tool is called a grass trimmer and it can be invaluable in the summertime, when the vegetation is proliferating at an alarming rate. With a state of the art Makita grass trimmer in hand, it is easy to cut back weeds, grass, and other unwanted plants. As these machines are very lightweight and usually cordless, they are no trouble to move around even the largest of yards. So, when it comes to stress free garden maintenance, choose Makita.
    For more hints and tips on the best ways to use your grass strimmer, keep reading this guide.


    While fences are a necessary part of safety, privacy, and security, they can be a real pain to trim and mow around. However, with a sturdy Makita grass trimmer, you can cut back the stray weeds along the fence perimeter in a matter of minutes. If you still find this to be too much work, one option is to plant a hedgerow or border between the grass and the fence. That way, you only have to trim up to the edge of the grass.


    For a neat and tidy look, all walkways and paths need to be kept free from creeping grass and weeds. You can do this by trimming close around the edges with your grass strimmer. For a precision result that would have Charlie Dimmock smiling, use an edger first, then apply your string trimmer. Finally, use a garden blower to create that clean and pristine effect.


    Most gardens contain at least a few trees, bushes, and shrubs. They elevate its appearance, offer a home for birds and other animals, and they are a source of clean air and atmosphere. In short, all good yards should have a healthy amount of trees and other tall plants. The only downside is the difficulty of trimming and cutting around the bases. With a regular mower, it is easy to hit and damage the trunks, so a Makita grass trimmer is a much better choice.

    Extra Features

    There are all kinds of unique and awkward features that might be lurking in your yard. For example, irrigation and hose components, lighting controls, pool regulators, and more. If they stick out from the ground and make the lawn tricky to mow, swap out your regular machine for a grass trimmer. That way, you can maintain the borders with care and precision, rather than risking damage with an oversized, unsuitable tool.


    High quality grass trimmers are also really effective at working inside of troughs and ditches. Uneven patches of ground, particularly areas that dip low, are a hazard for full sized mowers. These machines are designed to move in straight lines, so they’ll either miss the lower patches of weeds entirely or they’ll be subject to a lot of twisting pressure and break or split. Fortunately, you can avoid this situation by using the more nimble and flexible head on a reliable grass trimmer.

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    We are adding to the website everyday and we are now celebrating the online stock catalogue reaching in excess of 3,000 items.  Just over 20,000 to go and you will be able to see everything we have available.  In the meantime, if you don't see the item you want listed, just give us a call on 01473 623381 or send us an email to and we will check our stock for you

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    We have recently added a new range of guttering and corrugated roofing sheets instore.  Come and check out our stock and get those Spring repairs and building projects underway.

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  • Good Old Fashioned Multipurpose Compost Arrives Today!

    Due to popular demand, today's deliveries of new season gardening products include a consignment of the good old fashioned high peat content Erin multipurpose compost.   Available instore only at 3 x 70l bags for £11.50 or £4.25 per bag.  A feast for your plants wherever you decide to use it!

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